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Phi= 1.6 = Beauty Ratio! Although beauty is subjective, scientists and doctors have adapted the golden ratio to explain the answer to beauty. Human faces which followed the Golden Ratio were found to be more aesthetically pleasing. Super model Hadid has a score of 99.7%. That’s almost a perfect score! Naturally, when we do our […]

Tired of only enjoying long and lifted lashes when you wear mascara? Thankfully, lash technicians exist and can give you endless lashes with the curl of your dreams.  Whether you prefer the classic lash extensions or would like something more permanent like a lash lift & tint, we have compiled all lash treatments available to [&hell

Ready to revamp your brows? Your brows will never look better than after the care & attention of a specialist!   However, one quick Google search and you’re probably already overwhelmed by the huge variety of treatments available. Worry not, here we have compiled a simple & quick guide to the services you can choose


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