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Lavish Lashes

Tired of only enjoying long and lifted lashes when you wear mascara? Thankfully, lash technicians exist and can give you endless lashes with the curl of your dreams.  Whether you prefer the classic lash extensions or would like something more permanent like a lash lift & tint, we have compiled all lash treatments available to help you understand better how they work and if they’re a good option for you:


Lash Lifting – This treatment is intended to bring length to your natural lashes, semi-permanently shaping them and adding a curl. The final result varies based on your wishes and how dramatic you want the curl to be. When you undergo a lash lift, you’re expected to have various solutions applied to lift, create the curl, and set it in place. Those products are completely safe and you won’t feel any discomfort during the treatment, in fact, this is an ideal option if you are allergic to lash extensions. Generally, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your lash lift for up to 7 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle.


Lash Tinting – This treatment is often done in combination with the lash lift, and it’s used to make the lashes appear fuller and darker. It consists of adding a special dye to the natural lashes and in just 10 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy flawless lashes. It lasts for up to 6 weeks and it’s especially a great solution to thin and light lashes.


Lash Extensions – In this treatment, synthetic lashes are applied to your natural lashes with a semi-permanent adhesive. Their length, volume, and curl vary depending on the extensions, and you’re free to choose whichever you like to get the desired result or follow the recommendations of your lash artist. There are usually two routes you can take with your lash extensions, one is to go for a classic treatment that applies each lash extension to each natural lash, and the other is a volume lash extension, where 2 or more fine lash extensions get applied to each natural lash, giving you a more dramatic and bold look.

Even in the case of choosing a volume lash extension, you get to choose between different styles (like the ‘Mega volume’ which creates a bigger ‘fan’ of lashes) and different levels of ‘dramatic’ extra volume added to your natural lashes.


Give your lashes the lift up they need to look their best – book an appointment with our lash technician and try the semi-permanent treatment you feel is best suited for you.


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