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Cover Brow Design

Ready to revamp your brows? Your brows will never look better than after the care & attention of a specialist!


However, one quick Google search and you’re probably already overwhelmed by the huge variety of treatments available. Worry not, here we have compiled a simple & quick guide to the services you can choose from and who best benefits from each of them:


Eyebrow Threading – A gentle treatment that’s suited to all skin types, including sensitive skin, and that avoids post-wax breakouts. It leaves a natural look with a well-defined shape.


Eyebrow Lamination – Best suited for those with thin brows, this treatment helps create a thicker and fuller effect of the brow and can also be the ultimate solution to fix any mishaps caused by other brow treatments as it redirects and straightens the hair in the brows.


Eyebrow Tinting – Whether it’s to hide any gray hairs or make the brow look fuller, this treatment leaves you with a natural and thicker look that lasts between four to six weeks.


Ombré Powdering Eyebrows – This temporary tattoo-like treatment leaves you with well-defined brows that have an appearance similar to when you fill out the brows with a powder brow shadow.  Lasting up to two years.


MicroShading Eyebrows – This tattooing technique is semi-permanent and helps you obtain fuller-looking, natural, and bold brows. It’s especially great to cover up scars or bald spots and can last from 12 to 18 months.


Ready to try the brow treatment that’s right for you? Book your appointment today and our brow specialist will be happy to help you find the best shape for your face & use the utmost attention to detail to deliver great results.


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