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UncategorizedAll you need to know about the Gua Sha Massage

All you need to know about the Gua Sha Massage

What if you could enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing massage and an effective facial at once? That’s what the Gua Sha massage is all about – it’s a treatment that focuses on using gentle pressure and motion to relieve your face from tension while also lifting it in a completely natural way.


What is a Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a practice that originates from ancient Chinese culture and it was originally meant for treating injuries. While nowadays it’s popularised as a facial, its healing properties are still praised by many.


What are its benefits?

Relaxation – A Gua Sha treatment uses small and slow movements which are incredibly relaxing on the skin. This helps you release stress and tension. The neck and face are where we tend to hold a lot of the tension and the deep pressure of a Gua Sha massage can help us find relief, both from muscular pain and from headaches. 

Natural facelift – The edges of a Gua Sha massaging tool are perfect to sculpt and lift your facial features, effectively tightening the skin in a completely natural way. This treatment also helps prevent any signs of age as it stimulates your blood flow, leaving you with a more plump and youthful appearance.

Youthful glow – Due to how this massage stimulates circulation and improves the lymphatic drainage system, you can enjoy a glowing complexion as part of the results. This action can also help fight acne as it helps prevent acne and reduce inflammation.

How do you prepare for it? 

Start by cleaning the skin and leaving it free from any products or makeup. If you wish to exfoliate, do it beforehand and gently. Then, get your neck ready in a similar manner, as that should also be included in your Gua Sha treatment to get the best results.


How does it work?

First, your beautician will apply a gentle facial oil to moisten the skin and let the Gua Sha tool glide over your face. Then, by applying a little pressure, they will move the tool in a lifting motion, going from the center to the hairline. To stimulate lympathic drainage, they will lightly press around the hairline, specifically in front of & behind the ears, also reaching the neck.

If you have any moles or acne present, they will avoid applying any pressure over those areas.


What happens after?

Once you are done with your Gua Sha massage, you might see a few light marks on your skin which will go away on their own after a few days. Since it’s such a natural and pain free treatment, you only need to drink plenty of water and avoid showering or exercise straight after it to get the best results.

Does it sound like something that you and your skin would enjoy? We can make it happen – contact us today to book your Gua Sha massage and enjoy a whole other level of relaxation with this natural facelift.


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