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UncategorizedLymphatic Drainage Facial Massage: What is it and what are its benefits?

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage: What is it and what are its benefits?

If you’ve ever been curious about natural ways to lift the face and appear youthful, then you might have heard of a lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic system in question is a part of your immune system that removes bodily waste and prevents infection. Ideally, you never want for this system to be obstructed, as that would build up fluid, and if it happens, you can count on a lymphatic drainage massage to bring balance back to your body. That’s why it’s such a popular treatment to undergo after surgery!

In regards to the face, this type of massage helps reduce puffiness, improves complexion, and even works as a non-surgical facelift. Why is that? Simply because if the lymphatic system isn’t working properly, you end up with sagging skin, so this type of massage can counteract that.


How does it work?

A non-surgical lymphatic drainage facial massage focuses on applying light pressure to the face with soft movements to gently stretch the skin and encourage drainage.


Who can get one?

Generally, the only people who should avoid a lymphatic drainage massage are those with a heart condition, kidney failure, blood clots, or infections. Otherwise, you are clear to try it and can do it even if your skin doesn’t show any puffiness or you are medically required to get this massage as anyone can enjoy its benefits.


What are its benefits?

There are many more benefits to this type of treatment that you might not know about:

Glowing skin – Acne and eczema can be caused by a congested lymphatic system, therefore, this type of massage can help significantly reduce the appearance of these conditions and even scars on the skin. Plus, as the massage opens up the pores, any essential oils that are applied to the skin can be better absorbed to hydrate and soften it. 

Immune system boost – This massage improves the blood and fluid circulation in the lymphatic system, consequently helping you feel better. This is especially true if you were to get this type of massage on the body.

Stress relief – The gentle pressure applied to the face isn’t just beneficial to the skin, but also to the mind. This treatment, after all, is a massage and so it’s intended to be relaxing. Plus, since it touches on your temples and forehead, it can also help reduce migraine and headache pain.

Sinus relief – Not only headaches, this treatment is so decongestive that it can help get everything flowing as normal once again, relieving you from any sinus issues. 

Prevention of lymphedema – One of the main medical reasons to undergo this massage is to treat lymphedema. However, it doesn’t just help treat it, it can also help prevent it since it’s intended to reduce swelling across the body and face. 

Does a lymphatic drainage massage sound like something you’d like to try out? Get in touch with us today to book your ‘Make it drain’ add-on as part of your next facial.


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