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UncategorizedWhat is an Enzyme Peel and what are its benefits?

What is an Enzyme Peel and what are its benefits?

If you’re tired of applying any chemicals to your skin and curious to see how nature can play its part in skincare, then it’s time for you to discover the enzyme peel and all of its benefits.


What is it?

An Enzyme Peel refers to a type of face mask that has been created using fruit enzymes. The role of these proteins is to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells. Its gentle action makes it perfect even for sensitive skin and makes it a great treatment that can be repeated more times to help you feel refreshed and appear rejuvenated. Its specific ingredients vary based on the season, your skin’s needs, and preference. 


What are its benefits?

A natural exfoliator – It’s important to cleanse your skin before you apply any skincare products. This enzyme peel gives you everything you could ever want in an exfoliator with a completely gentle and natural effect. Compared to chemical peels, ones made from enzymes only target your dead skin cells, leaving all living cells intact. This means that anyone, including those with really sensitive skin, can enjoy its benefits. Additionally, it allows you to try an enzyme peel as often as you like since it won’t damage the skin.

Bringing balance back – Due to the natural properties of this type of peel, its ingredients also help moisturize the skin and balance the pH level, keeping any of the unwanted microbes away from you.

Reducing acne and signs of age – This powerful exfoliator isn’t happy with just removing dead skin cells, as it also gets rid of all impurities. This both helps reduce the appearance of acne, and also prevents acne by shrinking the opening of your pores, stopping impurities from being able to clog them again. Plus, since this peel will improve the appearance of your skin, it will also reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, giving you a beautiful youthful glow.

Instant results – Is there anything more frustrating than having to wait around for your facial or peel to do its job? Thankfully, an enzyme peel doesn’t keep you on your toes and offers instant results. One application and you’ll immediately be able to show off super soft skin that just won’t stop glowing.

Better product absorption – Wondering why that fantastic skincare product you bought isn’t doing the magic it promised? Sometimes, it might just be because your skin isn’t ready to fully absorb the benefits they offer. The solution? Exfoliation with an enzyme peel! By unclogging the pores and removing all dead skin cells, you’ll leave plenty of room for your skin to really take in all the benefits of the products you use. 

Ready to try it? Our ‘Peel the Difference’ add-on is designed to be specifically customized to each client. Together, we can figure out what your skin needs and we’ll be able to provide you with the ultimate gentle exfoliating action of a customized peel.


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