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Beauty and healthNaturally lift the face with Microcurrent Face Fitness

Naturally lift the face with Microcurrent Face Fitness

We’re lucky to live in a time where we can look after our skin in any way we prefer. Our mission is to help our clients find the option that’s best for them, the one that can give them the results they dream of. Did you know that you can lift the face in a completely natural way? That’s what our exclusive Microcurrent Face Fitness Facial is all about.

We all dream of keeping our youthful glow with us for as long as possible, and this treatment teaches our muscles how to stay firm and keep the signs of age at bay. First of all, how does it work? A Microcurrent Facial uses a device that produces low-grade current on the face. This is then applied with pressure over your features to tighten and lift them. The current starts out low and then increases gradually to achieve the level of tight skin that you aim for.

This facial isn’t just great for the skin, it also boosts collagen production (the best friend of everyone wanting to keep looking young) and helps your lymphatic drainage system. 

It’s completely non-invasive and overall painless (you will be aware that it’s happening but won’t feel discomfort) and it’s a treatment that many have used as a natural facelift ever since it was approved by the FDA in the 80s.

Anyone experiencing puffy skin, visible signs of age, and a dull complexion can especially benefit from it and can enjoy this facial more than once to get the best results. The result is toned skin where your beautiful features are well-defined and ready to impress.

Whether you want to try a facelift but would rather avoid invasive procedures or you’re curious to try a facial that focuses on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, a Microcurrent Face Fitness Facial might be your best option. Try it today by booking your appointment at Face Fit Bar, we even offer monthly or weekly memberships so that you can easily keep up with your skincare with our professional help.


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